Doultania a one of the platform where you van meet the best HR service provider. Doultania is an HR service provider servicing class companies. we provide jobs nationwide to fresh and experienced professionals. The company has grown as a full spectrum HR services provider for clients around Pakistan. It has helped in generating career opportunities for thousands of individuals and has worked for more organizations.

Our business is finding the right people for direct hire, independent contractor and temporary hires for our Clients. We actively Search, Screen and Recruit candidates for employment, train them according to specific Client requirements and deploy them to their offshore locations. More importantly, when searching for the best candidates, we take attitude, personality, aptitude and flexibility to learn and adopt into special consideration.

Doultania continues to focus on developing customized and innovative HR services, leveraging its unique strengths of geographical presence and end-to-end capability across all HR service functions.

Doultania strongly bets on these prophetic ideas for a high level of customer satisfaction. From the first step of sourcing qualified candidates from our manpower pool, advertising job requirements, pre-screening and short-listing candidates by our experienced and qualified personnel.